For more than 30 years we have enjoyed decorating Easter eggs! In the beginning it was the joy of experimenting with different techniques and materials. But in the meantime we have found and perfected “our” techniques.

We have specialized in the “Ebru and Marbling Technique” and “Lettering, Calligraphy & Waxwork”. For years, ink paintings in gold, white and impact metal decorations have also been part of this.

Where do the eggs come from?

We use the most different eggs. From A like araucana chicken to Z like zebrafinch everything is present.

We have some kinds of eggs from our own animals (chickens, araucana chickens, ducks, mallards) or from nearby farms (chicken and duck). The bird eggs (zebra finches, canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, dwarf parakeets) we get from bird breeders. Ostrich, nandu, goose and partly duck we get from special nature egg dealers.

All eggs are carefully cleaned and have very small, nice round holes. (Exception ostrich: here there are often bigger holes, which cannot be influenced by us however).